What is Website

What is Website?

A website is a group of Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). The name by which people can search us online or through web browsers (like Google, Bing, Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc.) very easily is called website. Website is an information centre of a company, organisation and etc. This is available on the internet on the World Wide Web network.

On the website, we give information related to our company, business or products. Any person can go to the website and know about that company, which product that company deals with, about its company and the address and contact number of that company can be known very easily.

Domain: Domain is the name of the website.


www. is the Worldwide Web (Internet)

aapkadigitaldost – Domain Name

.com – Extension

How to Select the Domain?

  1. Unique
  2. Short (2-3 words) & 12-18 characters
  3. Easy to Remember
  4. Easy to Pronounce
  5. Represent your Business – The name of the business or website suggests.
  6. No Special Characters
  7. Do Not Copy Brands
  8. Proper Extension
  9. Use Keyword – Name of the Business & Keywords
  10. Use Product Name – Name of the Product
  11. Use Geographic Location – Company Place

Hosting – Purchase of space or storage on the Internet to load your data & display it to the world.

web hosting

SSL Certificate – The Full form is the Secure Sockets Layer. This is shown in HTTPS://

SSL certificate is mandatory for our website.

Structures of Website: There are 3 types of the website

1) Blog – Post – Information-Based Website – A website where information is available. A blog website is regularly updated with relevant articles, photos and videos related to it, which give information, educate and give some knowledge to the viewers. In most blogs, a person expresses his personal information and opinion about what he thinks and what information he has. The company also provides the material with some of its information articles, which contain complete details. The blog website should be updated regularly.

2) Business Website / Personal Website – Pages – A website where either the service is provided or the company updates the information of its products.

3) E-commerce or E-business is the conduct of business through the Internet; This includes not only buying and selling but also services for customers and collaboration with business partners. The Internet presents many opportunities for infrastructure, consumer and value-added types of businesses.

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